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Backstage at the Green Hotel, Kinross, 3rd  December 2021

The week prior to this gig I had watched the excellent documentary on BBC about the life and music of Lindisfarne’s guiding light Alan Hull. Alan’s creative genius is at the centre of the Lindisfarne legacy and his timeless masterpieces continue to enthral and enchant in equal measure as ably demonstrated by these two sold out shows at the Green Hotel.

This was my first visit to the venue which is run by David Mundell of Mundell Music who has been attracting big names to this small corner of Fife for many years. The hall is compact but full of atmosphere and the walls are lined with rock memorabilia to keep you occupied whilst awaiting the night’s entertainment.

It is testament to the venue that Lindisfarne return each year, although it is the smallest show they play, as they enjoy the shows so much.

Floral Pavilion, New Brighton, 8th June 2019

"When you think of 1970’s British folk-rock, Lindisfarne is the group you think of. Here I was, back at the International Guitar Festival of Great Britain, the oldest guitar festival in the world, to see these pioneers. The stage was set, with a very impressive array of guitars and there was somewhat of a buzz about the crowd. This was going to be a good night and when Rod Clements and the band walked on stage to a cheer that only confirmed my suspicions… I was not only in for a good night; I was in for a great one!

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